“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” Confucius


“A leader leads in the open,” Teddy Roosevelt pointed out. “The ‘boss’ is covert.”

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“In the space between the cradle and the grave, why be afraid?

Death is certain… and you don’t have anything to lose.

You come without anything. One day what you have is bound to disappear.”

Intimacy- Osho

Interview with my lovely agency – 24 Seven

About my recent moves and work in London

Love it!! Love 24 Seven!!! Thank you Rachel xxx



Pringle of Scotland

Another great experience this week is my first days working with Claire Waight Keller at Pringle of Scotland.
It was funny that I was greeted to jump by Harry at the first time we meet at the project brief. Pringle is located in Sloane Square, close to the Saatchi Gallery, and I love popping into the Teschen shop in between lunch time.
A lot videos from Pringle I wanted to show and here is 2: the brand one is so cute!
and here is Claire: I love people who are organized, calm and having a very good balance between family and a successful career. x

Agent Provocateur dream came true

AWWWW!!!! I have yet got the right words to describe my delight working with Agent Provocateur recently!! Loving AP since 2005, I was at La Perla in Lane Crawford when they opened the first Asia concession store right next to me! Remember the time I told my tutor I wanted to design for Agent Provocateur and she said “Everyone wants to be there, it’s only a dream.”
Know I am a bit too obsessed that I couldn’t take the advice much seriously and kept dreaming. Thank you so much for Sara being so sweet and introduced me to the creative director, Sarah Shotton. Below is a vedio of her with Joe Corre, the founder and former director.

Besides the exquisite lingerie, their head office is just as beautiful! Have you ever image working everyday on a gold glitter desk? And the walls, shelfs and wardrobe are painted in the prettiest pink ever!  You will have a feeling of being really spoiled in this fantasy place! Also very convenient for visiting McQueen’s Polar Bear office which is on the same street. xx

One Day, You become a leader

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself.
When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”
Winning – Jack Welch

Loss of our genius

I was talking through my work from Alexander McQueen to a client.
Meanwhile, she got a call, looking serious.
I went “Bad News?”
She replied, “Lee committed suicide.”
“What!?” I thought she was joking and it’s such a bad joke.
My phone started to ring and people ran around about the news.
Heat started going through into my head.
Recalling those days I had already fallen in love with his early work.
I totally cannot believe it and imagine tears running across the studio.
It is a terrible loss of our genius.
I wish him everything better in the other world. x


Been back to De Montfort University for a lecture on digital printing. I asked about how many students wanted to intern in a top fashion house before and after the presentation. I should have taken a picture to show the difference. Meanwhile, the above email is for students and enquiry on the personal/group tutorial. I am excited to join the assessment and see their work again soon. x

I do and I understand

— 《荀子·儒效》

I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand.
—  Confucius

saw a website for better translation–>
To hear it is better than to ignore it;
To see it is better than to hear it;
To understand it is better than to see it;
To practise it is better than to understand it.
You will truly master it after putting it into practice.