Somebody gives Kate a bra!! …maybe a waspie too

This is probably the first ever piece came out in public from Alexander McQueen SS10 before the show on Kate @ GQ Awards. I recall that morning when everyone still working on the print crowded in front of the computers in the studio looking at the pictures shocked. The Kate beauty never have appealed me and I do not want to criticize it here. It just reminded me there are people I know could spend hundred and thousands pounds on outerwear (obviously not Kate) but not a penny on their underwear. The phenomenon of so many Ann Summers and La Senza on the streets also tells a very unhealthy intimate apparel story of Londoners. To explain the Ann Summers and La Senza  quality of underwear, it is like having McDonald’s for dinner everyday. Please take a look at the materials of the underwear, (elastic, wire casing, support) which are going to rub against your skin every second, just as if how we look at the expiry date and ingredients when we shop from the supermarket. 

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Daphne Guinness @ The Launch Of NARS 15X15-15 Yrs of NARS

It is one of the outfit taken the longest time for my pattern placement as going through stages of development. To be honest, it’s a very difficult dress to be carried even the Main season collections are always recognized as RTW. Well…. as wearable as that she is wearing the show piece.  With my love of engineered bodywear, the fold under the bust is annoying me and this boxing champion BELT is convincing me about the possibility of a serious fit problem …





coral dress

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It’s a luxury thing to maintain a blog comparing to my life in the past 7 months, and I really want to complete a website somehow rather than uploading to a template and taking ages to load from the hk server. Before that, I am working on my portfolios with InDesign…

Below, thanks for Tommy, this dress of my print is on guardian today (~LOVE~)


After a while… saying bye to my ages ago xanga blog… there were some b4 i can’t even remember now….

Here is for those friends who i’d like to update with and whoever likes to read about my recent observations or discoveries. Thanks for reading X