Is there any other way to live a life?

The important part is a creative endeavor begins with an act of concentrated seeing, focus looking.

Without asking the most fundamental questions of existence, one will not be able to create – and this is true in all fields.

One settles on questions that are personally meaningful, and then answer them. There are pleasures to be found in life, work, and all processes. The joy is in those moments when the group meshes perfectly, it is in the way we offer each other encouragement, in the fact that we cause each other pain, in our struggle to find a way through.

The classics stand the test of time.

The tailored collar was a most elegant means of creating an opening for the head. The Tailoring Collar, e.g. Lapel and the Nape, is indeed a perfected monument in the history of fashion. For a natural relationship between the body and the fabric.

Everything starts from embracing life itself. Is there any other way to live a life?

Techniques comes later. Everything begins with an appreciation of shape and volumes. One must be struck by the beauty of something, and only then may one ponder how to arrange the fabric, whether to use darts or hems.

True avant-garde sensibility is one that acknowledges reality while simultaneously providing a glimpse of the solutions and surprises that tomorrow will surely bring.

Museums are even worse. No designer really wants his clothes displayed in one. They are where fashion goes to die. It is the same with retrospectives – I will have no part of them, either.

It is meaningless to construct something and place it as an ornament. Things must be alive, they must be vibrant and in motion.

The structural traditional structural beauty is just a symbolic projection of a self-centered ego of men.

The fact of the matter is that making clothes requires one to continually express oneself aggressively, and if that means that disappointing sides of the self are sometimes revealed in the process, so be it.

It is always best to add something playful to any polished coordinated look in man’s clothing. Attractive, classy, and chic alone result in something dull.

Rules are made to be broken, they were made to be ignored. In contrast, the tenets and discipline one sets for oneself are to be defended with one’s very life.

– Yohji Yamamoto: My Dear Bomb. A Biography



“In the space between the cradle and the grave, why be afraid?

Death is certain… and you don’t have anything to lose.

You come without anything. One day what you have is bound to disappear.”

Intimacy- Osho

One Day, You become a leader

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself.
When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”
Winning – Jack Welch

I just read a very good book, which is blah …

Recently, I just can’t stop reading a few chapters of my piled up books before going to bed. My friends are now used to my beginning of a conversation which is “I just read a very good book, which is blah blah blah…” It seems like I have become a salesperson of Amazon and I actually did some sales. Though I couldn’t have earn some commission, I did earned some passion and value through these unconscious sales. I particularly love those books written by the authors after they retire or a long battle through their life journey. Listening and watching how they look back on their lives, mistakes and achievements is so inspiring. A summary of those many years and research only cost a few pounds and even cheaper and greener to get the used books. They deserved to have they stories spread around the world and even each person just learn one little thing a day would be fantastic. I understand the youngsters would be difficult to make their choice while everything is trying to get their attention with different purposes. This would be one of the many things on my very long list I want to work on – how to educate the youngsters to make their own good choice. It is very upset when people think they are living independently while they are not. The poorest people are the most ignorance people in the world that they do not even know that they don’t know. What can we do about it? The first thing is grow yourself so you learn how to grow others and keep your mind open to ask questions and listen. Even the most silly questions will be better than sitting there doing nothing.

after all so many books, lets list those I sent to my friends in Xmas –>
Rich Dad Poor Dad
How to Win Friends and Influence People
It’s not how Good You are, It’s how Good You Want To Be
Ignore Everybody, and 39 other Keys to creativity
The Art of Looking Sideways

Why Not

“Some men see things as they are and say, ‘Why?’ I dream things that never were and say,’Why not?'”
Robert Kennedy.


I recently started a notebook “Talking to myself” for my random thoughts, ideas, notes or whatever which I think I better have a discussion with myself. It was all evoked by my huge reading enthusiasm lately. The reading reasons could be I felt out of the world for a while that I need to suck as much information as I can or because I didn’t realise how many good books out there before. If anyone got my e-mail can track on my amazon wishlist which has gone bit insane…

It’s nice to have sometime a week to look back, as there I think I see clearer of the future. I have met a lot people, fellows around me extremely intelligent, but they were stuck and confused and I couldn’t do anything to help. I am horrified by those many years of education, how come it failed to teach a lot students the ability to learn. I am not interested in education, but I want to give my beloved ones the ability of getting as much as I do. In other words, as my path goes on, I do not want to lose them.