Loss of our genius

I was talking through my work from Alexander McQueen to a client.
Meanwhile, she got a call, looking serious.
I went “Bad News?”
She replied, “Lee committed suicide.”
“What!?” I thought she was joking and it’s such a bad joke.
My phone started to ring and people ran around about the news.
Heat started going through into my head.
Recalling those days I had already fallen in love with his early work.
I totally cannot believe it and imagine tears running across the studio.
It is a terrible loss of our genius.
I wish him everything better in the other world. x



Been back to De Montfort University for a lecture on digital printing. I asked about how many students wanted to intern in a top fashion house before and after the presentation. I should have taken a picture to show the difference. Meanwhile, the above email is for students and enquiry on the personal/group tutorial. I am excited to join the assessment and see their work again soon. x