I do and I understand

— 《荀子·儒效》

I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand.
—  Confucius

saw a website for better translation–>
To hear it is better than to ignore it;
To see it is better than to hear it;
To understand it is better than to see it;
To practise it is better than to understand it.
You will truly master it after putting it into practice.


Dear Sir Paul Smith

I thought I am one of the luckiest person on the earth today. Thank you so much for Mr. Smith seeing my work and listen to my not very well presentation. Again, the same as the first time I met him, after all my hyper-excited emotions could settle, the thought came up my mind is ” OMG! He’s such a gentlemen!” I am glad to see people working there are all so happy and a lovely girl gave me a warm hug before I leave. Everything there touches you, like the little stories framing on the wall, a sushi clock make you smile, a signed basketball and a rabbit on the self saying each of their own story behind. There was a young boy’s letter to Paul Smith on the wall which caught me immediately. When seeing how others thought and feelings are being take care, you know how nice the atmosphere in this place would be. I can’t wait to soak into this lovely world again x

Nothing vs. Everything

“In a full heart, there is room for everything, and in an empty heart there is room for nothing.”- Antonio Porchia.

It doesn’t matter if one knows everything or nothing today; it matters if one learn something quick or slow and apply for better tomorrow(s).

I just read a very good book, which is blah …

Recently, I just can’t stop reading a few chapters of my piled up books before going to bed. My friends are now used to my beginning of a conversation which is “I just read a very good book, which is blah blah blah…” It seems like I have become a salesperson of Amazon and I actually did some sales. Though I couldn’t have earn some commission, I did earned some passion and value through these unconscious sales. I particularly love those books written by the authors after they retire or a long battle through their life journey. Listening and watching how they look back on their lives, mistakes and achievements is so inspiring. A summary of those many years and research only cost a few pounds and even cheaper and greener to get the used books. They deserved to have they stories spread around the world and even each person just learn one little thing a day would be fantastic. I understand the youngsters would be difficult to make their choice while everything is trying to get their attention with different purposes. This would be one of the many things on my very long list I want to work on – how to educate the youngsters to make their own good choice. It is very upset when people think they are living independently while they are not. The poorest people are the most ignorance people in the world that they do not even know that they don’t know. What can we do about it? The first thing is grow yourself so you learn how to grow others and keep your mind open to ask questions and listen. Even the most silly questions will be better than sitting there doing nothing.

after all so many books, lets list those I sent to my friends in Xmas –>
Rich Dad Poor Dad
How to Win Friends and Influence People
It’s not how Good You are, It’s how Good You Want To Be
Ignore Everybody, and 39 other Keys to creativity
The Art of Looking Sideways

The lesson from two lemonade stands(Seth’s Blog)

The first stand is run by two kids. They use Countrytime lemonade, paper cups and a bridge table. It’s a decent lemonade stand, one in the long tradition of standard lemonade stands. It costs a dollar to buy a cup, which is a pretty good price, considering you get both the lemonade and the satisfaction of knowing you supported two kids.

The other stand is different. The lemonade is free, but there’s a big tip jar. When you pull up, the owner of the stand beams as only a proud eleven year old girl can beam. She takes her time and reaches into a pail filled with ice and lemons. She pulls out a lemon. Slices it. Then she squeezes it with a clever little hand juicer.

The whole time that’s she’s squeezing, she’s also talking to you, sharing her insights (and yes, her joy) about the power of lemonade to change your day. It’s a beautiful day and she’s in no real hurry. Lemonade doesn’t hurry, she says. It gets made the right way or not at all. Then she urges you to take a bit less sugar, because it tastes better that way.

While you’re talking, a dozen people who might have become customers drive on by because it appears to take too long. You don’t mind, though, because you’re engaged, almost entranced. A few people pull over and wait in line behind you.

Finally, once she’s done, you put $5 in the jar, because your free lemonade was worth at least twice that. Well, maybe the lemonade itself was worth $3, but you’d happily pay again for the transaction. It touched you. In fact, it changed you.

Which entrepreneur do you think has a brighter future?

[PS a few hours after I posted this, Elizabeth sent in this photo of her daughter doing exactly what I imagined. She said, “she made a fortune.”]