I recently started a notebook “Talking to myself” for my random thoughts, ideas, notes or whatever which I think I better have a discussion with myself. It was all evoked by my huge reading enthusiasm lately. The reading reasons could be I felt out of the world for a while that I need to suck as much information as I can or because I didn’t realise how many good books out there before. If anyone got my e-mail can track on my amazon wishlist which has gone bit insane…

It’s nice to have sometime a week to look back, as there I think I see clearer of the future. I have met a lot people, fellows around me extremely intelligent, but they were stuck and confused and I couldn’t do anything to help. I am horrified by those many years of education, how come it failed to teach a lot students the ability to learn. I am not interested in education, but I want to give my beloved ones the ability of getting as much as I do. In other words, as my path goes on, I do not want to lose them.

About chinsky
Chinsky Cheung is a concept driven designer, known for her sophisticated print engineering and structural bodywear design. After obtaining a degree in Fashion and Textiles from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Cheung was appointed to join the Design Innovation Team at Ace Style Intimate Apparel, and designed for Victoria's Secret, Marks & Spencer and Calvin Klein. She moved to England in 2007 and completed her MA degree in Fashion Bodywear at DeMontfort University. Following collaborative projects with clothing design technology leaders, Bemis Associates and Framis Italia SPA, her thesis collection won the Roadley Award and Ace Style Funding Award. Upon graduation, she was offered an internship at Alexander McQueen. She developed innovative techiques for print pattern placement solutions with the company, and has been invited back on a freelance basis. She established her design and consultancy service in 2009. Since then her clients include Agent Provocateur, Alexander McQueen, Pringle of Scotland, Mother of Pearl, Temperley London and Topshop. Chinsky Cheung is devoted to explore the boundaries of design and technology. Driven by a philosophy to achieve the best for all individuals by breaking down the walls of the impossible, she welcomes partnerships and collaborations in, and across, various media. She is willing to practice with any parties with parallel ambitions and push those who are willing to adopt this vision in their field.

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